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5 Keys to Exit Velocity


This article will discuss the exit velocity test and 5 tips for improving it.

At a recent showcase, a sophomore BRX athlete stepped up to the mound and proceeded to throw 87-89 MPH, five MPH up from the last time he completed a showcase from this particular scouting service. What was the first thing the owner of this organization said to him when he stepped off the mound?

"You just earned yourself a lot of money, kid"

In the day and age of showcases, numbers matter. While no one would argue that a 95 MPH fastball equates to a great pitcher or 100 MPH exit velocity a great hitter, improving the horsepower of your engine can only help. Often, a couple of MPH difference in velocity is the difference between who gets offered the scholarship and who does not. With that said, I am going to discuss the exit velocity test and five tips for improving it.

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