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5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Start Playing Badminton

Time’s different now where every child has his/her own badminton racket made from aluminium or graphite. We think now is a great time for every child to experience badminton like we never did before.

Let’s look at why Badminton should be introduced to every child.

Low start-up with minimal equipment or player

Badminton needs at least 2 players. A child would need a friend to play with. Secondly, the players would need a badminton racket each. They’ll also need at least 1 piece of shuttlecocks. 

A pair of good sports shoes will help reduce feet injuries. Shoes should be indoor non-marking badminton shoes if they’re playing inside any badminton courts.

I remember playing badminton wearing slippers back then. The drawback is we couldn’t do much, we couldn’t jump or race for the shuttle. 

Low-risk sport

Badminton is gentle and is considered a safe game for people from all ages and background. Common types of badminton-related injuries caused in badminton games are sprains and muscle strains which is relatively rare and low-risk if proper warm-up is done. Players who practise more on proper footwork and racket handling would reduce the risk further.

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