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Are Your Kids Outside Enough?

When today’s parents were kids, they were outside constantly. 

Whether it was horsing around on a playground, playing games in the woods or competing in a kid-organized activity of some sort, being outside was much more attractive to us than sitting inside.

Today, kids of all ages are sucked in by a plethora of electronic devices that make staying inside much more attractive and less strenuous than being outside with siblings and friends. 

My parents had to insist I come inside. It’s now the opposite. Many of today’s parents have to force their kids out.

Are your kids outside enough?

My quick answer to that is kids can never be outside too much. As long as the weather is good and the environment and activity are safe, nobody can convince me that a child is better off inside looking at a screen than outside chasing a friend during a game of tag. 

Research has proven that active kids are usually healthier than inactive ones. No matter how aggressive your child’s fingers are playing Fortnite or texting friends, they aren’t getting the same level of healthy exercise as running around outside. 

In the current world we live in, the majority of kids are spending at least five hours in a virtual classroom. Therefore, I would argue that other than being inside for dinner, kids should be outside every minute between the end of the school day and dark.