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3 Ways to Up Your Fundraising Game

Clubs sports are an amazing opportunity for young athletes to compete against other athletes, make new friends, and further develop their skills. But with those opportunities, comes great costs. Travel costs, specialized training, uniforms, mid-game snacks and post-game meals, end of season celebrations, you name it. 

With so many costs, it is important to get crafty with raising additional funds so more kids have the opportunity to participate. But with limited time and resources, how make the most of your fundraisers? 

Here are three tips to fundraise smarter, not harder.



Club sports come with a unique set of expenses. That means it is important to get clear on specifically why you’re fundraising––whether it is for equipment, uniforms, travel, tournament fees, or for anything else. With the money your team raises, you could even develop a fund for athletes who are unable to cover all of the costs or help all members pay for new uniforms. 

Either way, it’s critical to understand what you are raising money for and to build your fundraising campaign around those goals. This way everyone has something to rally around and a clear objective to a tangible reward. 


If your team is headed to an important tournament, make sure your supporters know about it. With a clear message and a pressing need, supporters will be more likely to contribute to your campaign.

Luckily, now chore of rallying kids and parents for car washes and bake sales is a thing of the past. Today there are handy tools that help with all the manual tasks of the past. 

For example, look for a tool to help you come up with a list of email addresses of potential supporters. You can then send targeted asks to these people, while coaches and parents can track fundraiser participation and progress.

Best of all, these tools make it easy for parents to participate as much or as little as they wish. That means it’s perfect for families with varying schedules and means to pitch in. 



Your team’s story doesn’t end the moment your fundraiser does. Share with your community the results of your campaign and the impact of your fundraising efforts. 

Supporters should feel like they have a stake in the success of your program. If you were able to help kids cover fees, share that news. If you were able to travel to a tournament, let them know how the team performed. Not only will your growing community of supporters become vocal advocates of the kids and team, but they’ll also be more likely to contribute in the future.

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