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12th Grade Physical Health Tips

young woman stretching

Walks and Bike Rides

Organize family activities that incorporate physical activity, such as walks and bike rides. Outdoor chores such as raking leaves or shoveling snow are a good way to squeeze exercise into a busy weekend. Finding a physical activity that you and your child can do together, such as swimming at the local YMCA, is a great way for both of you to exercise and for you to spend quality time together.

Healthy Weight

Research has shown that even relatively small variations in the amount of physical activity young people get can make the difference between a healthy weight and being overweight. If your child is not physically active enough, encourage him to start by changing their behavior gradually. Setting aside some time each day for jumping rope, kicking a ball in the yard, or skateboarding around the block will soon make a difference that they will be able to see and feel.

Organized Sports

Encourage your teenager to become active in organized sports, which can be an excellent way of get the recommended amounts of physical activity and establishing regular exercise habits that can become the basis of lifelong fitness.

Encourage Exercise

Help your child to enjoy exercise and think of it as something fun that will make them feel good about herself or himself. The behavior you model as a parent is crucial. If your teen sees that you prioritize exercise and enjoy it, the chances increase that they will be inspired to follow your example.

Limit TV and Computer Use

Limit the amount of time your teenager is sitting in front of the television or computer monitor and set a good example with your own behavior. If you’re watching TV as a family, for example, have everyone get up and move around during commercial breaks. 

Bedroom Environment

Check your child’s bedroom to see if it is a dark, calm, and quiet environment. When you turn off the lights, there should be no illumination.  Remove the television, computer, and other electronics from their room since they emit a blue light that disrupts their sleep cycle.