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10 Healthy Team Snacks for Kids' Sports

Adorable little boy sitting on the bench with lunchbox in park


When I signed up my son for soccer six years ago, I had no idea there would be so much junk food involved. After a season of watching cupcakes, cookies, chips, and cherry punch dominate the sidelines after games, I was frustrated. And confused. Why was a soccer game a reason to give kids donuts and Kool-Aid? Why were we associating sports with junk food? And was I the only one who was irritated by this, especially since our games took place on Saturday morning—right before lunch?

Here are 10 ideas:

  1. Orange slices: The classic! They're super-hydrating and sweet to eat. Cut up a bunch, toss them in a container, and let the team have at it.
  2. Bananas: Couldn't be simpler—or cheaper! You can feed the whole team for less than $5.
  3. Apples: Just rinse them off and bring them to the field.
  4. Fruit kebabs: These are always a hit with kids. Thread berries, bananas, melon, and grapes onto wooden skewers.
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