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10 Habits of Good Sports Parenting

Good sports parenting is really just a series of habits based on a mindset that what you are doing is not an event, a strategy or a solution.  It’s a process of many habits, many conversations, many ups and down, many mistakes and many lessons learned as your child progresses on their sports journey.

Try on these good sports parenting habits; they will not guarantee that your kids won’t make mistakes or that they will always be successful, but they will help you rest in the fact that you’ve been a “good parent” and have thoroughly invested in your kids.

Establish Core Values for Your Child’s Sports Journey

Giving your child core values will give them something to turn to for making decisions. It will give your kids a compass when you’re not around to guide them.

Laugh A Lot and Enjoy the Game

Silliness is the secret ingredient in a happy family. Even if you’re naturally a “silly” person, you can choose to let your hair down and let yourself laugh. Help your child find something to laugh about as they progress in their sports journey.

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