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Custom Team Gear Just Got Easier

“Years ago, we mostly reused uniforms. Hats were one-size-fits-all. Maybe our biggest challenge was getting three-quarter sleeve tees in enough sizes – and those were undecorated, but that was pretty much it,” said Dennis Damiano, a coach for Mount Pleasant Little League in Providence, Rhode Island. “And now I just don’t have enough hours to get it done, not without help.”

He’s not alone. From custom practice tees, compression gear and jerseys, to home, away, travel and elite uniforms, today’s team gear can be a time-consuming task better handed off to an assistant coach or parent volunteer. Add to that your team webpage updates, real-time player stats, scheduling apps, competition for practice space and more, and there’s less time than ever for coaches to do what they volunteered for in the first place – mentoring young athletes on and off the field.

But at least one industry is trying to give back some of that time - and that’s where SportsEngine Gear powered by SquadLocker comes in. SquadLocker is changing the way leagues and teams not only get their kids geared up but parents and fans too, not to mention fundraising.

Free, Easy, and Fast

Those three words aren’t often associated with websites or custom apparel, but today’s gear industry is different. Solutions like SportsEngine Gear charge nothing for leagues and teams to host and manage their own custom team store, and the most technical expertise you’ll need is the simple ability to upload a logo. There are no minimums on quantity, and custom team gear can be turned around in as little as two weeks, depending on the printing technology you choose - a speed that’s unheard of in the industry. They will even create or edit logos for you, free of charge. User-friendly dashboards make it easy to add or remove gear, add additional logos, and upload contact lists so your team will always know about sales and promotions, and even activate fundraising. And still, others can fulfill your bulk uniform needs if you prefer a one-stop-shopping experience.

Selection and quality

When coaches hear statements like “two-week turnaround on custom gear,” they generally think “Ok, what’s the catch?” But now more than ever, the answer is “none.” Coaches no longer have to sacrifice selection or compromise on quality. Stores can be filled with dozens of options from Under Armour, CCM, Adidas, Champion, Mizuno, Badger, and more, all sporting your team’s logos. And state-of-the-art logo application and embroidery ensures you’re getting the softest, most stretchable, durable, and color-safe decoration ever provided.

Get back to what matters

So it’s time to get back to the game plan, back to coaching, and back to mentoring because as soon as your SportsEngine Gear store is open, all you have to do is share the URL with parents and players, and your work is done. They shop on their own time, choose their gear, sizes, and payment methods, and orders are shipped right to their doors. No more boxes delivered to your home, gear to hand out, or incorrect sizes to manage.

And since stores are open year-round, athletes, parents, and fans can get and stay geared up when seasons and temperatures change, when teams head to the postseason and when the holidays hit.

“It’s given me back countless hours and cured a lot of headaches, and the kids and parents love it," Damiano said. "Everybody wins. I wish this had been around a long time ago.”

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